Shrub and Perennial Pruning Information


Proper pruning of landscape plants is a key component of a low maintenance and attractive landscape. Many homeowners use a one size fits all approach to pruning and hedge trim all their shrubs into unnatural shapes. This practice is unhealthy over time for most shrub varieties, and it is more labor intensive than the correct method...changing this approach is a win-win situation. Allow Loretta to visit your landscape and present the proper pruning practices for each shrub variety in your landscape. She will also review pruning practices that encourage blooming, good shape and hardiness for the perennials in your landscape.






Tree Pruning Information


The most important pruning for a tree occurs during its early years in the landscape. The pruning (or lack of) that occurs during this time will determine how a tree will weather storms and defend itself against decay. This is a time when homeowners, with proper tree pruning information and a few sharp pruning tools, can ensure that the tree will likely grow old gracefully. As an International Society of Arboriculture Certified Arborist Loretta is well qualified to provide proper tree pruning information and demonstrate how to use it on your landscape trees.