Homeowner Association

Homeowner Associations oversee the common landscape areas in most neighborhoods today. These landscape areas are often mowed and trimmed by landscape crews whose main focus is to get the job done. They often do not have the time or expertise to observe and evaluate the trees and shrubs for real problems and may apply broad spectrum pesticides unnecessarily just to be safe. This is not a good practice economically or environmentally. Developing a plant inventory for these common areas to track specific plants and problems is a very wise and economical way to oversee these landscape areas and avoid needless spraying of pesticides.





Plant Inventory



Loretta has developed plant inventories for HOAs detailing the plant variety, pruning needs, plant problems and present health of the plant. With a plant inventory an HOA can address any issues internally if homeowners help with open space maintenance or they can allow a landscape maintenance company to perform the needed tasks. An inventory is also quite helpful when soliciting bids for any maintenance task that may be needed down the road. It will make it quite easy to keep track of what has occurred to each plant in the neighborhood.